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Сastle Chrestovice (No.: 1268)
South Czechia
Floor area
1900 m2
€ 345 000
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400


Castle with floor area of 1900 m2, there are 22 rooms, vaulted ceilings. The plot of land is on the banks of a lake. The gothic castle is mentioned in documents for the first time in 1529 although the village exists since 14th century. It was rebuilt in renaissance style end of 16th, begining of 17th century. Baroque reconstruction started in 1719. Support columns in the front were added in the middle of 18th century. In 1819 some of the arcades in the yard were closed in the northern and eastern wings. The oldest part of the property is the two storey northern wing, walls there are 150 cm thick and there are vaulted ceilings. In the wall there are probably remains of the defence towers.