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Castle Radovesnice sold (No.: 1253)
Eastern Czechia
Floor area
2300 m2
€ 4 500 000
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400


Chateau built in 1580, reconstructed to its current shape in 1759. The compound stands on the 21 acres plot of land and is fenced by stone wall. There is a park with grown up trees, small river and lake. All the buildings were recently fully refurbished. In the main castle building there are 5 apartments for 2 guests each, kitchen, drawing rooms, hall that can accommodate 40 guests for lunch. There are historical cellars. The second building that maintained its renaissance walls with sgrafiti has 12 twin rooms. Next to it is a club building built in the beginning of the 19th century with vaulted ceilings, bar, kitchen, bathrooms. There is a large summer pavilion, porters lodge, garage for 4 cars and former granary. The complex is connected to public water supply, it has its own sewerage disposal system.