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Hotels in Slovakia for sale, tourism statistics

During last couple of year tourism in Slovakia is growing at a steady pace. In year 2015 some 4,430,000 tourists used services of Slovak hotels, in 2016 it was already 5,024,000 tourists and in 2017 their numbers continue to grow. During first 7 months of the year 2016 there were 2,819,000 tourists, in the same period of the year 2017 their number has grown to 3,084,000. It means an increase of 9 %. In the year before that (2015) the growth of total numbers was 16 %, in case of foreigners the increase was 17 %. Geografically tourism was concentrated mainly in High Tatra district of Poprad and Low Tatra district of Liptovsky Mikulas. We offer hotels for sale mainly in these two districts.

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Luxury residences and castles

People are usually looking for castles and chateaux with the aim to find an impressive residence for their family or a representative headqurters for their business. Chateaux can offer what other properties cannot. Villas or homesteads do not have large parks with grown up trees. Homesteads may have fields, however in most cases their owners have sold fields under the pressure from land traders. Even chateau owners sold fields and forests, but parks they did not sell. Land speculators were not interested to buy them, castle parks are protected and cannot be used for housing construction. Purchase of a chateau is probably your only chance to buy a residence with park. And parks are cheaper than other land. Many chateaux are in bad condition, surprisingly not as a result of neglect under the old regime. Many new owners having received castles in "restitution" terminated rental contracts with schools, archives or medical centres. And expected to sell the castle free of tenants for very high price. However the generous buyers were in short supply and the properties left without maintenance were slowly deteriorating.

Chateaux in Czech republic

To buy a chateau in need of refurbishment makes sense if you can spend your money only gradually. However it is usually cheaper to buy a refurbished castle if you can pay the full price up front. There are fully refurbished castles to be bought for prices plus minus one million euro. You can move in immediately, no need for additional investment. Then there are chateaux that need refurbishment but you can still live in part of them right from the start. These cost little above 400 thousand euro. Castles for around 200 thousand euro are also on the market but you have to investment in repairs before you can use any part of them. They may need new windows, plumbing etc. Very nice properties can be purchased for between 2 and 3 million euros. And then there are of course top properties costing several times that amount.