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Hotels in Slovakia for sale, tourism statistics

During last couple of year tourism in Slovakia is growing at a steady pace. In year 2015 some 4,430,000 tourists used services of Slovak hotels, in 2016 it was already 5,024,000 tourists and in 2017 their numbers continue to grow. During first 7 months of the year 2016 there were 2,819,000 tourists, in the same period of the year 2017 their number has grown to 3,084,000. It means an increase of 9 %. In the year before that (2015) the growth of total numbers was 16 %, in case of foreigners the increase was 17 %. Geografically tourism was concentrated mainly in High Tatra district of Poprad and Low Tatra district of Liptovsky Mikulas. We offer hotels for sale mainly in these two districts.

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Taxation of Czech Real Estate

There is a Property Transfer Tax of 4% to be paid by the seller from the sale price of the property. This rule should change soon and the obligation to pay this tax would be switched from the seller to the buyer. Newly constructed residential sales are subject to 15 % VAT, up to certain size. Luxury, newly built properties are subject to 21 % VAT. New commercial properties are also subject to VAT of 21% of the sales price. This year there is a new VAT introduced on construction plots with utility networks, also with the base rate of 21 %.

Still Czech republic is one of the countries with lowest tax burden in the area of real estate. Annual tax on real estate is negligible, there is no inheritance tax among close relatives. Hotels, apartment houses and other commercial properties are often sold via Czech registered companies to avoid paying property transfer tax of 4 %.

Chateaux in Czech republic

In the past decade most buyers of chateaux in Czechia were foreigners. Recently it is mainly local people that are buying Czech historical monuments. In Czechia there are approximately 1000 castles and chateaux. Renaissance chateaux originate mainly from the 16th century, as this style arrived to Czechia later than to southern Europe. In the 17th century the baroque style prevails and in the first half of the 18th century the baroque gradually gives way to rococo and then to neoclassicism that has become dominant in Bohemia in the second half of the 18th century. The 19th century in Czechia has become the century of historical romanticism inspired by English examples. It was the time that not only brought us many new luxury properties but even older castles and chateaux were getting new facades, towers and battlements.

Now some 40 castles and chateaux are for sale in Czechia. The prices of Czech chateaux vary significantly. Prices depend not only on how well preserved the property is but in most cases on the proximity to Prague. If a well preserved chateau with park is situated near border with Germany it can cost e.g. 800 thousand euro, if a similar one is 30 minutes drive from Prague then the asking price would most likely be 4 million euro. Properties in need of full refurbishment would usually be listed for between 170 and 400 thousand euro, again depending to their location.