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Prices per square meter of living space in Czech Republic

According to large advertising agencies the average price per square meter of living space in Prague as offered in June 2015 was 62 000 CZK. The average price per square meter in Prague 1was 116 000 CZK, in Prague 2 the square meter price of the apartment would be 82 000 CZK, in Prague 3 the price was 68 000 CZK, Prague five 64 000 CZK per sq. m., in Prague six 71 000 and in Prague 10 the price per square meter of the living space was in the middle of 2015 around 55 000 CZK. In Prague one could find the cheapest new apartments in suburban areas of Čakovice, Uhřiněves, Pitkovice and Cholupice. There the price varies from 40 to 46 thousand Czech crowns per sqare meter. The most expensive apartments are in Prague 1 Parizska street.

Average prices of flats in other large Czech cities were in June 2015 as follows: in Brno it was around 44 000 CZK per square meter, in Pilsen 32 000 CZK per sq. m., in Ceske Budejovice 27 0000 CZK per sq. m. Prices in Karlovy Vary were around 32 000 CZK per square meter, however in its spa district the prices are significantly higher. Properties in small towns and less developed parts of the country are significantly cheaper. For example an apartment of 60 sq. m. in Chomutov could cost as low as 400 000 CZK.

In Prague area a second hand house with volume of 700 m3 would cost 6.5 million CZK. In towns like Brno and Pilsen it is possible to buy such a house for 3.6 million CZK. These prices refer to houses outside city centre in lower standard and are not valid for newly built or fully refurbished houses.

150 sq. m. flat in Prague 1 Old Town

        Apartment in Prague Old Town

castle in central Bohemia

        Chateau in central Bohemia

Rules governing purchase of Czech real estate by foreigners

Until May 2009 non EU nationals had to buy Czech real estate using Czech registered company. EU nationals had to register their permanent address in the Czech republic. Since May 2009 foreigners, including non EU nationals, could buy real estate in Czechia in their own name, with the exception of agricultural land and forests. Since May 2011 even these last limitations ceased to exist. All foreigners can now buy any real estate in Czech reublic they want.

Taxation of Czech Real Estate

Property Transfer Tax: a transfer tax of 4% has to be paid by the seller from the sale price of the real estate. VAT: Commercial tenants are charged 21% VAT on the rent and fixtures. VAT on property sales: Newly constructed residential sales are subject to VAT at the level of 15% of the sales price (up to cetain size of the property). Large luxury newly constructed residential properties are subject to VAT at the level of 21 %. Newly constructed commercial real estate sales are subject to VAT of 21% of the sales price. As the rules and rates keep changing, please contact us about your concrete situation. Also see articles on this page about tax rates with international comparisons.

When commercial properties are sold in Czech republic, it is usually done via Czech registered companies to avoid paying property transfer tax of 4 %. When the owner in the land register remains the same (the company) and only shares are sold, then no property transfer tax is paid.