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Apartment house for sale (No.: 1353)
Karlovy Vary town
Floor area
900 m2
€ 945 000
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400

Apartment house in the historical centre of the spa town Karlovy Vary for sale. There are 6 above ground floors and one underground floor. Its built on area is 171 sq. meters. The floor area of the house is 900 sq. meters, the floor area of the apartments is 635 m2. There are 9 flats, one office, three parking places in the indoor garage and some technical premises. Three apartments have a layout of 2 rooms plus kitchen, one measuring 82 sq. meters, the other one 82 meters and the last one 86 m2. There is one aparmtnet with four rooms and kitchen with floor area of 185 m2. There are 3 one room apartment measuring 21 m2 each, two flats with one room plus kitchen measuring 50 and 57 m2 respectively. The office measures 22 m2, has its own toilet.