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Baroque chateaux (No.: 73)
Central Czechia
Floor area
1850 m2
Price upon request
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400

Baroque chateaux in the recreation area in Central Bohemia. The castle is mentioned for the first time in 1541. In 1685 the castle was rebuil into a baroque chateaux. In the years 1857-59 it was rebuilt again, this time in the anglian neo-gothic style. To the original chateau new wing was added with angular tower with battlements. In 1948 the castle was nationalised, since 1950 it served as a school for orphaned children. The layout was partly adjusted for the purposes of the school. There were classrooms, school kitchen, school dining room and offices. On the top floor there were bedrooms for children. In the park there are rare tulip trees, house for administrator and several barns. There is also a a fish pond of some 500 m2.

Since 2006 the property now in private hands is empty and not used.

The property can be sold either with just 2 hectars of land, or the whole plot of some 8 hectars. In the distance of 3 kilometers there is a full 18 hole golf course. Nearby there is a downhill skiing slope serving mainly people from Prague. The capital is one hour drive away. Motorway shall be built some 4 kilometers away and the driving time from Prague would thereby be cut to half.