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Modern hotels in Slovakia (No.: 1263)
Floor area
40000 m2
Price upon request
+420 724 981 800
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We offer for sale a chain of hotels in Slovakia. Nearly all of them are modern and prosperous. There are 3 hotels in Low Tatra mountains, two in Janska dolina, one 20 kilometers from Chopok. One hotel is in High Tatra National Park, area of Rackova dolina. One is in the vicinity of world known Piestany spa in mountains Povazsky Inovec. One modern business hotel is for sale in industrial centre Puchov. In the same town there is a sport hotel with large multifunctional sports hall, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, modern buildings with multifunctional gymnasium halls etc. Last hotel of this chain is in eastern Slovakia in the town of Humenné.

We sell all these hotels as exclusive representatives of the owners.