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Chateau Lenora sold (No.: 1275)
South Czechia
Floor area
1657 m2
€ 599 000
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400


Small chateau situated in south-west of the country, near border with Germany, in picturesque country popular with tourists. Main building used to be a residence of the factory owner, later it was turned into a restaurant and family hotel. Total floor area of the buildings is 1657 m2. Plot of land measures 1.7 hectars (4 acres). Nice view of Sumava. On the plot of land there is a park, tennis court. The chateau was built in 1840. After the war additional building was added. Altogether there used to be 70 beds, now parts of the property are being refurbished so it is not in operation. Nearest mountain resort is Zelezna ruda.