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Villa in chateau style (No.: 1377)
Pilsen region
Floor area
700 m2
€ 485 000
+420 724 981 800
+420 724 982 400

Historical building in the style of chateau in the region of Klatovy, foothills of Sumava Mountains. There is a park of over one acre, the floor area of the chateau is 700 sq. meters. In the garden there are grown up trees, quiet location with the view of the hilly landscape. On the main floor there is an apartment of 120 sq. m. and a hall of 195 sq. m. Next to the hall there is a former theater stage, now not in use. On the second floor there is an apartment of 90 m2 with the view of the hall below through the windows in the wall. This apartment is connected with a terrace of some 30 m2 with a nice view. On the ground floor of some 140 m2 there are two bedrooms, boiler room and other technical premises. The property is reasonably well maintained, minor repairs needed but can be used as it is. It is connected to public sewerage, public water supply, electricity. There is a central heating using boiler burning wood pellets.